Tis the season for HOT WATER

Hot Water Systems

As winter has fast approached us, so has the need for the replacement of Hot Water Systems.

Winter is not the time you want your hot water system to fail, however it is the most common time of the year that they will fail.  Hot water systems rarely just completely stop working. In the weeks and months leading up to a complete system failure, there are usually a few signs that the hot water tank or hot water system is about to stop working. Knowing the signs to look out for could prevent you from an emergency situation.

We outline below 3 of the signs to look out for that may mean your Hot Water System is on its way out.

1. The Colour of the Water

The water coming out of your taps should be clear. It should not appear rusty, murky or cloudy. If you turn on your hot water and see water that is unclear or discoloured, seek professional help. A Plumber will be able to determine if the discoloured water is caused by your hot water system or some other type of problem, such as rusty pipes or sewer problems.

2. The water is not as hot as it used to be

This is a very common hot water problem that you may come across. If you think your system is not heating the water properly or not heating at all:

  • Check the circuit breaker to find out if it has tripped
  • Check the hot water is running freely from the temperature &  pressure relief valve. This can be found on the side or at the top of the unit.
  • Check the temperature setting occasionally you will need to adjust your thermostat

Unfortunately, if you have checked all of the above or if you try to use hot water and nothing comes out, seek help from a professional plumber immediately.

3. Lots of Noise Coming from the Hot Water System

Hot water systems do make a certain amount of noise, but they should not be making any banging or rattling sounds. Excessive noise indicates dirt or sedimentation build up within the system.

If you notice any loud noises coming from your hot water system, seek professional help immediately.

Hot Water Systems should last on average 10-15 Years, however to increase the life of your hot water system and avoid these issues we recommend scheduling a hot water system maintenance check every 3-4 years.

If you have any concerns with your Hot Water System, give us a call today Mint Plumbing Services (07) 32976517.


Plumbing Maintenance Inspection

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What’s blocking your drains?

We outline below the 3 most common causes blocking the drains throughout your home and some simple techniques to prevent it.

1. Coffee Grounds
If your household is anything like ours, no morning start’s without at least 2 rounds of coffee! Back in the day, people thought coffee grounds were good for their pipes. “It clears them,” So not true…. Nothing causes more blockages than coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are as good as cement in pipes and overtime will cause an impenetrable nightmare.

Prevention – Spread them throughout your garden. Coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer and help to repel insects like ants and slugs.

2. Hair
Looking forward to that long hot shower after a hard day, but you get in to realise you are standing in 3 inches of gross clog-water, Long, locks are the main culprits here, but even short hair can contribute to a blocked drain.
Left to its own devices, loose hair can quickly turn into a massive glob that’s tangled with soap scum, water deposits and whatever else happened to find its way into your drain. Not pretty at all, remember it’s not just your shower but your bathroom basins also.

Prevention – Fit all of your basins, bath and shower drains with strainers to catch the hair (and other particles). Just make sure you clean the strainer regularly!

3. Grease
Finished eating that delicious Bacon and Egg feed, your cleaning up and the quickest way to get it all done is to tip all that grease and oil down the drain. Think again….It might be the quickest solution that morning, with a big hang-over but long term that grease is clogging your drain. When you pour hot grease down your drain, it transforms into a lovely hard substance that sticks to the inside your pipes. Then food sticks to the grease, and grease sticks to the food, and grease sticks to the grease…and eventually you have yourself a big greasy mess.

Prevention – Save cooking grease in an old coffee can or cardboard milk container, put in the fridge or freezer. When full dispose of it in the trash.

If you do end up with a blocked drain, give us a call at Mint Plumbing Services (07) 32976517.

We have a range of services we can provide to assist you, including plunging blockage, use of electric eel to unblock, use of jet-rodder to clear blockage with high pressure water & use of CCTV camera to view any further blockages in line.