Storm water system diagnostics and blocked drain repairs

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Mint Plumbing Services has available the latest equipment & technology for all your CCTV Camera Location Services.

Are your toilets back flowing or your storm water system overflowing?

You most probably have some sort of blockage which will only get worse over time if it’s not removed and the pipe repaired or replaced. Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of blocked or broken pipes, but can be difficult to locate underground. This is where our CCTV camera comes in handy, because it gives us the ability to locate any blockages or broken drains in your pipes or storm water system and then fix them quickly.

Mint Plumbing Services offers a full and complete turn-key service for all drainage & pipe inspections with:

  • CCTV survey to see & record,
  • locating of damaged or blocked pipes
  • Full report outlining damaged sections
  • Repairs to all pipes.

Our full configuration now includes a colour CCTV camera, control systems with full video reporting & recording facilities as well as the locating system to allow for fast and accurate identification of buried/damaged drain and sewer utilities.

The CCTV can be utilised in various applications including:CCTV

  • locating damaged pipes within drains
  • locating tree roots within drains
  • locating blockages in internal pipes

Don’t waste time hoping that the problem will go away, because it’s only going to get worse!

Call us today and our professional team of skilled plumbers will come out to your property, locate the problem and have it fixed in time for the storm season.

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