Replacing a Toilet or need help with a leaking toilet?

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Blocked ToiletsOne of the most common yet inconvenient & stressful problems you may experience in your home is a blocked or leaking toilet. A blocked toilet is a serious issue and must be addressed immediately to avoid further problems and spillage.

Sometimes homeowners decide that replacing a toilet with an updated model is an easier option when their toilet keeps getting blocked, particularly if they are renovating their home. But why does your toilet become blocked?

Understanding the Blockage

If the water in your toilet rises when you flush and drains away slowly, it means you have a blockage. Common causes of blockages in the toilets are:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Foreign objects like toilet fresheners or kid’s toys
  • Tree Roots in the line

Sometimes, you have a leaking toilet rather than a blocked toilet, where the water keeps leaking from the tank into the toilet bowl. This can be frustrating and can waste water, but is often an easy fix.

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