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Plumbing Maintenance Inspection

Keep on top of your plumbing maintenance issues with our Plumbing Maintenance Inspection

Did you know we offer a free no-obligation Plumbing Maintenance Inspection for all our customers when attending their homes or business?

With our maintenance inspection, we can help save you money and maintain your plumbing fittings & fixtures, preventing any major disasters occurring on your property – issues that can end up being very costly if they are ignored for too long.

What’s included in our Plumbing Maintenance Inspection?

During your Maintenance Inspection we visually check all of the plumbing fittings and fixtures in your home and give you a detailed report on its completion. If we find any problems, we will include our recommended actions (whether these are repairs or replacements) and give you a quote for the work.

In the bathrooms, we check the vanities, showers and toilets, as well as the floor wastes to make sure there are no leaks or obvious blockages. We also check the fixtures and fittings in the kitchen, again making sure that nothing is leaking, dripping or in need of repairs soon. For your hot water system, we make sure that everything is working correctly and in tip-top shape, and if you have a water pump, our Plumbing Maintenance Inspection also includes a visual check to make sure that everything looks to be in good repair. We also check all external drains for blockages, as well as measuring your property’s water pressure.

If you have any concerns, we can address these at the time of the Plumbing Maintenance Inspection and give you advice regarding replacements or upgrades to your fittings and fixtures (useful if you are considering a renovation in the near future).

Ask us about our Plumbing Maintenance Report next time we are at your place, or give us a call today to arrange us to come out and inspect for you: