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Commercial plumbing to the rescue!

Commercial plumbing requires a different skill set to domestic plumbing, simply because these plumbers perform a range of highly specific jobs for businesses. Of course, a commercial plumber will replace taps, showers, fix broken sewer lines and toilets, identify leaks and blocked pipes (just like residential plumbers), but they do all of these jobs in large complexes, such as shopping centres, high rise flats, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses and many other commercial establishments.

What is commercial plumbing?

If we take a large shopping centre for example, commercial plumbing covers the installation and repair of gas systems, fresh water fountains and fire sprinkler systems, as well as bathroom fixtures and plumbing for customers and staff, kitchen installations, grease traps and backflow prevention devices that are needed for the shops, cafes and restaurants.

So a commercial plumber does all of these jobs, as well as those mentioned above for residential homes (fixing leaks, broken toilets and blocked drains). In addition, commercial plumbing also includes the initial installations of these fixtures during the building stage and an ongoing maintenance program for all commercial establishments.

Essentially, a commercial plumber makes sure that the building’s fresh water pipes, sewage and stormwater systems are all working correctly and the fresh water is clean and free of contaminants. They also deal with a much larger and more complex range of jobs than a residential plumber and they often need to work in confined spaces and must be able to work safely at heights.

To perform all of these tasks, a commercial plumber needs to keep up to date with all the relevant health standards and know which apply to each type of commercial business.

Choosing a commercial plumber

When selecting a commercial plumber always check their experience to make sure that they can deal with the range of complex problems posed by these large buildings. Your best strategy is to arrange a maintenance program with a commercial plumber who will then be on call for any problems. This means that you can call a plumber who knows his or her way around your building and has the experience to do a good job.

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