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Could you live without plumbing in Brisbane?

Have you ever thought what life would be like if we didn’t have plumbing in Brisbane? It’s not rocket science, but a life without plumbing wouldn’t be the same and would change our lives dramatically for the worse. The world has quite literally, been changed by plumbing, so let’s take a look at some of these wonderful changes.

Toilets: Gone are the days of the outdoor dunny and chamber pots under the bed, now we have indoor toilets and some of us even have those high-tech toilets that work by remote control. In the early days, rich aristocrats would have had indoor water closets, but they wouldn’t have been connected to a sewage line, instead just being a ‘long drop’. Just imagine the days when you had to go outside to use the dunny, it would feel as if you were permanently camping – plumbing in Brisbane has come a long way since then!

Hot water: How would your day start if you couldn’t have a hot shower? Would you bother to heat the water over a fire or would you just have a cold wash? On demand hot water has meant that we can all attend to our daily hygiene needs quickly and in comfort and we also don’t have to boil a cauldron and slap our clothes on rocks to do the laundry!

Indoor plumbing: Did you know that it was Gough Whitlam who introduced Australia to indoor plumbing? For many people, one of Whitlam’s greatest legacies was bringing indoor plumbing and flushing toilets to western Sydney!

Council sewerage systems: Before the introduction of modern council sewerage systems we either had ‘long drops’ or all the waste went into the local creek or river. In fact, if we go way back, then all the waste was just emptied onto the streets into open sewers, leading to obnoxious smells and the continual spread of disease. The oldest outdoor plumbing in Brisbane is a sewerage pipe that heralds from 1915 and runs 12km from Toowong to the Eagle Farm Pump Station and it’s still in operation today.

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