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What is a Maintenance Inspection Checklist?

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What is a Maintenance Checklist?

If it has been a while since your plumbing systems have been checked, your home could be at risk of developing minor or major leaks which could end up costing you hundreds of dollars, over a period of time. The checklist has a series of points that must be checked to ensure that your home is thoroughly inspected by our tradesmen and additionally, you will receive a completed report (see images).

What is covered in the Maintenance Checklist?

The Maintenance Checklist will cover all crucial components of the plumbing systems at your home, including all pipes, valves, hot water systems and drains.

The Tradesmen will check:

  • Active Leaks
  • Signs of Rust/Corrosion
  • Water Pressure
  • Inspection of Hot Water System
  • Inspection of Waste Pipes
  • General Condition of Toilets

What do YOU have to do?

Upon your next appointment with our team, please alert the tradesman upon his arrival that you would like a Maintenance Checklist completed for your home. As this is a free service, our tradesman will give you the report upon completion for you to view. This will give you the opportunity to think about any further work that might be necessary in the future.

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