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Advice for getting ready for the storm season in Brisbane

Have you had your storm water drain checked lately? With the storm season just around the corner, it’s the right time to make sure that everything is shipshape on your property and that you are prepared if the worst does happen.

In Brisbane, we often experience severe weather that causes roofs to fly away, outdoor furniture to blow over and flooding that erodes soil and devastates properties. Here are a few actions to take around your property that should get you through the worst of the storm season.

Preparing your home for the storm season

One of the first things to do is to make sure that all your trees are healthy and trim any branches that look diseased, dead or overhand your home. Next, you should clear away any debris or blockages in your storm water drain, as well as your gutters and down pipes.

Secure any loose objects or furniture in your backyard and if they can be moved to a secure area, that might be the best option. Make sure that you know the council depots that will issue free sandbags in your area, particularly if your suburb is prone to flooding.

What to do if a storm is on its way

If you know that a storm is likely, make sure that your smartphone is fully charged, disconnect all electrical appliances and listen to a battery operated radio for further information. Park your vehicles undercover or if that’s not possible, cover them with tarps and blankets to minimise hail damage. Keep everyone inside your home, including pets.

When the storm arrives, don’t go outside, but keep everyone inside and away from the windows. If possible, settle everyone into one room, usually the bathroom as this is most likely the safest room in the house. However, if you are caught outside in a storm, don’t stand under trees or power lines, stay away from creeks and if you are driving, pull over somewhere safe and in the open.

Once the storm has passed, make sure everyone is safe and then check your property for damage. If you see that your storm water drain is overflowing, you might consider giving Mint Plumbing a call to find out if there is a blockage or the overflow was simply due to an excess of storm water. Call us on 07 3297 6157 or send us an email.