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Pipes burst? Steps to take before calling a plumber in Brisbane

If you have ever had a pipe burst, you will know that your first thoughts usually concern calling your local plumber in Brisbane and asking them to get there as soon as humanly possible. Just before you pick up the phone, however, always remember to turn off the mains water to prevent the problem deteriorating further, and open the taps to drain them of any remaining water (not forgetting to close them again before the mains is turned on again).  

Then remove anything that runs on electricity from the area (water and electricity don’t mix well), and if necessary, turn the electricity off at the power box – just to be on the safe side. It’s only after you have done these steps, that you should call your plumber in Brisbane – once you have the situation under control at home.

When we arrive, our approach to fixing your problem depends on whether the burst pipe is inside or outside your home.

How we fix outdoor burst pipes

Sometimes it’s obvious where the problem is located, because we can see a puddle of water forming on the ground or a jet of water when we turn the water back on! Other times, there is no overt evidence of a burst pipe, so we use our CCTV camera to scoot along your underground pipes and find the fault, crack or break. Once identified and located, we can dig down and fix the problem. It’s best if your plumber in Brisbane uses CCTV to locate the problem, otherwise they can end up digging numerous holes in your garden, simply trying to locate the burst pipe!

How we fix indoor burst pipes

Locating burst pipes indoors is usually much easier, because the evidence is much clearer, for example water collecting under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. These obvious leaks aren’t usually difficult to fix, because the pipes can be easily accessed. It’s when pipes burst in the walls and behind the plasterboard that it can take longer to fix, but it’s still fairly easy to spot the leak.

If you want an experienced plumber in Brisbane to fix your burst pipes, call us on 07 3297 6157 or send us an email for a free quote.