Leak Detection

Thermal ImagineLeaks are just like small creatures, they may exist in your ceiling, wall, floor, kitchen sink, bathroom, shower and in many more water sources. A small leak can damage your whole property, if not found quickly.  It will remove your paint, making yellow damps on your wall, may produce termites & may also harm your health as it spreads mould into your house.

We at Mint Plumbing Services are able to assist you with locating the exact location of the leak & repairing it to ensure no further leaks in the future.

Locating the Leak

Depending on the location of the suspected leak there are number of different tests & equipment that can be used to assist in detecting the leak.Thermal Imaging

Below we outline some of the most common tests that are conducted

  • Flood Test of shower base
  • Pressure Test of shower combination
  • Thermal Imaging of effected area
  • Full Roof Inspection for any cracked tiles, vent pipes, or silicone missing


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